Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Statistical Analysis and Tommy Walker

I very rarely look at my blog stats. I go for months at a time forgetting that I have a counter and I always have to look up my password to get into the Statcounter site. Honestly, if I were interested in racking up hits or tracking who was reading, this would be a totally different kind of joint around here. I like hearing from my friends, and I've met several folks through blogging whose friendships I really value. But beyond that, I just don't care whether I'm popular or not.

But one aspect of my blog statistics does intrigue me. It is interesting to me that the most popular keyword phrase that time and again seem to direct people to my blog are "when I don't know what to do". It refers to this post, wherein I talk a little about one of my favorite Tommy Walker songs. I imagine that the people typing that phrase into their search engine have heard this song somewhere and it has resonated with them in a certain way. Most people don't actually read my post, and nobody actually leaves a comment. But that's okay.

That song bears an especially penetrating message of hope, in a world largely adrift in desperation and hopelessness. I am more than happy to do my small part keeping that message afloat.

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Heidi said...

Rereading that post (and the lyrics) was good timing for me. Thanks.