Sunday, November 26, 2006

When I Don't Know What To Do

As a worship leader and musician, every now and then I come across a song that sings from my heart as though I myself had written it. As a songwriter, I usually really wish I had written it. Its not envy...well, not on my good days, anyway. Its just that there are some few songs that resonate strongly with who I am and what my life is about, such that I just want to make them my own.

This is one of those songs. Here are the lyrics, and here is a link to iTunes to download it. For 99 cents, about the cost of a Snickers bar, you can receive a much sweeter blessing. This song wants to be played loud, by the way.

When I Don’t Know What To Do
Tommy Walker WeMobile Music ©2005 CCLI #4556332

Lord I surrender all to
Your strong and faithful hand
In everything I will give thanks to You
I’ll just trust Your perfect plan

When I don’t know what to do
I’ll lift my hands
When I don’t know what to say
I’ll speak Your praise
When I don’t know where to go
I’ll run to Your throne
When I don’t know what to think
I’ll stand on Your truth
When I don’t know what to do

Lord I surrender all
Though I’ll never understand
All the mysteries around me
I’ll just trust your perfect plan

As I bow my knee
Send Your perfect peace
Send Your perfect peace, Lord
As I lift my hands
Let Your healing come
Let Your healing come to me

By the way, this whole album is excellent. One of Tommy Walker's gifts is that, regardless of whether you are musically inclined or not, you will know this song after hearing it one time. You will be singing along by the time it gets to the second chorus.

I really hope you will do this and then tell me what you think.


IzzyBeth said...

Aunt Linda just told me about this song this week - I had no heard it. (Can you believe that?) The whole album is now in my iTunes shopping cart (along with $200 worth of other songs . . .)

ackaty said...

I just heard this song for the first time yesterday. Amazing lyrics! My hubby & I just moved, and our new church is just starting on some new music, this song included. I love Tommy Walker!

Worship Leader said...

My sister attends Valley View Church In Louisville and she told me about our praise team is getting ready to sing it...Incredible Song!!

Andrea C. Parker said...

We just did this song at our church Colonial Heights Baptist in Colonial Heights, VA. It was AMAZING! I've been singing it all week - and really making these words my prayer!

gata104 said...

This is a song I can never get enough of. I miss singing on the worship team. Thanks.