Monday, February 28, 2011

In Which I Indulge in a Very Brief Lament

Oh, for crying out loud...PikeSpeak, has devolved into what is, essentially, just a food blog.  Where is the insightful commentary, the thoughtful prose, the whimsical (and yet manly) poetical musings, the incisive critique of contemporary culture, the music reviews, the deep spiritual philisophicationisms, or the gratuitous self-promotion?  Ummm...okay, maybe we have that last one...

Next, I'll probably be posting pix of the "Spaghetti Dinner for 150 People" thing that I'm doing on Family Night this Wednesday at church.   That one IS big fun, though, with the all the women from Nancy's Small Group helping out.  Actually, "helping" is not really the right word since, without them, it really wouldn't happen at all.  I think I may take some pictures of that.

I like spaghetti.  It's the best.  With garlic bread.  If you don't agree, then you clearly weren't raised right and your opinion is wrong.


The Pizza Chronicles 02/28/11

If I were more diligent, there would be a Pizza Chronicles update at least once a week.  But I'm not, so here's one now.

"Peppered Ham", Artichoke Hearts, Greek Olives, and Mozzarella pizza.  

The "Peppered Ham," purchased at my local Krogers, is advertised as Canadian bacon.  It's really not, but it is still pretty good on a pizza.  They should just call it what it is and not be pretentious about it. 

And, if you're not making your own pizza dough, you're not doing it right.  If you need a good, fast, simple recipe, let me know...I'll get you going.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Casualty in the Kitchen

 This afternoon, I made one of the nicest looking, best tasting loaves of bread to date.

Sadly, after removing the lid to my Bread Pot so that the crust could finish,  it slipped out of my potholdered grip, crashing onto the oven door, shattering into three large pieces and several smaller shards.

Bummer.  But it could be worse.  At least I'm not demonstrating in the square in downtown Tripoli. 

Such is life.  I'll have to order another Bread Pot soon.