Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Groovy stuff I saw today at WFX - Atlanta

Here are a couple of the more interesting products that I have seen here in the WFX exhibit hall.

Earthworks is a renowned manufacturer of innovative microphone solutions. Their newest product is really the cat's pajamas, though, their PianoMic System. At $4500 retail, you aren't going to find it on every piano you see, but it does sound extremely good and it solves several long-standing technical challenges in mic'ing a grand piano. Larry Blakely, their chief marketing guy, said that at the recent Audio Engineering Society (AES) show, they were swarmed by people interested in this new item.

Next is a peculiar product, really. The Corevalus SamePage System is, essentially, an electronic, computerized music stand. And, although my company is a dealer, I have been skeptical of what I've read. Having now seen a good demo and been able to play with the system myself, I am starting to come around. It has a touch-sensitive interactive screen that enables you to highlight or circle specific passages. It does some simple transposition. It uses a customizable database of songs, which enables the worship leader to easily add or subtract songs from a set list...while playing. The foot controller, used for turning the pages, works exceptionally well, which surprised me. There are a number of other commendable features that range from the convenient to the ingenious.

This is a young company with a new and fairly radical high-tech concept. Sorry, but I couldn't find any decent still photos of the product, but if you go to their website via the above link, they have a short online video demo that is pretty cool.

Also, Bill, Jeff, and I ate bison burgers at Ted's Montana Grill, a restaurant chain owned by Ted Turner who blurs the distinction between being insane and being insanely wealthy. The burgers were great and so was the hand-squeezed lemonade.

I will try to post more on other interesting things I see and do.
And perhaps eat.

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Heidi said...

I just love that you used the saying "cat's pajamas"!