Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Gimme some sugar, baby"

The topic is TV viewing habits...and I don't mean watching the nuns on the Catholic channel.

In my family, tastes differ sharply. In fact, I tease my wife sometimes about her unseemly fascination with the "true crime" genre and how, to me, most episodes seem to be about some sweet mid-western wife who unexpectedly dispatches her husband in some peculiarly vile and creative way. Spooky, I say.

And both she and my son have always shared an enjoyment of horror movies, slasher flicks, and all manner of cinematized supernatural terror. Most of the time they eschew the outright demonic, but I do not care for any of them.

Except for this one.

I really like Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness. Directed by Sam Raimi, brilliantly written by him and his brother Ivan, and starring the inimitable Bruce Campbell, this is one of the most entertaining movies ever. Campbell is possibly the best B-movie hero to ever swagger across the dollar-movie screen, and I am definitely a member of the fan club. Hopefully, we'll get to watch it this weekend. For me, it is "The Princess Bride" of horror movies.

And here is a hilarious commercial Bruce Campbell made for Old Spice. Just what you need to get rid of that Evil Dead smell.

This is very, very funny to me.

Here is a link to Campbell's IMDB listing.


IzzyBeth said...

This is one of Robert's favorite movies as well.

Hmmm . . . should you worry about Nancy watching all those movies?? Do you sleep with a baseball bat under your bed? LOL

Evan said...

Well, well, well, it's nice to find someone else with an appreciation for this film! A few years back I actually owned one of the most popular horror movie websites on the web. Through a chain of events that have sense escaped my mind, I ended up interviewing Bruce Campbell (star of Army of Darkness) for the site (, now under different ownership and taken in a new direction). He was a very cool guy with a sense of humor not too different from Ash.

Memories, memories.

jeff said...

I have found it's a very dangerous thing to admit what you think is funny!

Barry Pike said...

Beth: Robert is a man of singularly good taste, as we know. As for worrying about waking up dead, no, I don't. Without me, Nancy would starve to death in a week.

Evan: That sounds like really big fun. I've liked BC in all of his movies I've seen. Even his Spidey3 cameo was good.

Jeff: Cryptic, but true. Often the things I think are funny are somewhat inappropriate.