Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Worship Facilities § The Premier Conference for Growing Churches

Okay, this is where I am:

Worship Facilities § The Premier Conference for Growing Churches

And these are the folks with whom we are sharing our exhibit space:

Adaptive Technologies/Allen Products - They make all manner of ingenious hardware for hanging speakers, monitor screens, and such. Suspending big heavy things in the air is serious business and, in their field, these guys are the best.

M-Audio - Computer audio interfaces, keyboards, software, speakers and in-ear monitors.

Intelix - Sophisticated audio distribution gizmos. Mixers, processors, and a slew of really cool little electronic signal conversion products called baluns.

TOA Electronics - Full range of pro audio tools, including the super fantastic HX-5 mini-line array.

I've already run into several old friends and seen some very impressive new professional lighting, video, and audio technology, targeted primarily at the house of worship market. I have some pics, but no way to upload them at this point. It's all incredibly geeky and don't for an instant think that I fully understand what all of this stuff does.

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