Thursday, March 01, 2007

Do you kiss your grandma with that mouth?

I found this survey about the use of profanity on the internet interesting. The focus is sufficently narrow, specifically targeting high-profile politcal blogs on both the right and the left. It does include, of course, not just the blog content but the comments left by blog readers. It is not high science, perhaps, and I don't know if the methodology would survive the scrutiny of professional statisticians, but it is telling, nevertheless.

It would appear, as I suspected all along, that Democrats are a bunch of rude, intolerant, closeminded, foul-mouthed heathens. Oh, and the Republicans are too. When it comes to being wrong, just because you aren't as wrong as some other guy doesn't mean you are right.

Let it be known that we'll brook no such sailor-talk around these parts.

h/t Instapundit...because Glenn knows it all first and then tells the rest of us.


GPIKE said...

Well shiver me timbers! What we do on Pirates Day?

Barry Pike said...

That's what these #$%^)$#* keys are for! Whaddaya, ignernt?

gpike said...

Port, bow, starboard, aft, sheet, line, anchor, wench (he he, I said wench), sprit, windward, leeward, land-ho (he he... Oh never mind.)