Thursday, March 01, 2007

How To Make A Record

Here are a couple of really cool short YouTube videos on how vinyl records are made. I've been in the music biz for over half my life and I've never seen this before.

Part 1

Part 2



GPIKE said...

Cool! But I wonder how they did it back in the 30's and 40's.

Barry Pike said...

Good question. I thought about that, too. But I guarantee that some of the equipment we see in those videos dates from 60's and 70's, for sure.

I do have a couple of vinylphile clients, actually. A couple of years ago, one of them paid about $4 grand for his turntable, too. Handmade in Germany, I think, by some company that has been making them since WWII...they make like 150 a year or something like that.

Pretty crazy stuff, but they are serious about the quality being better.

Anonymous said...

I can't confirm the process for the 30's and 40's but in the 60's and 70's, the process was much the same. In fact, the only difference I saw was the automation in actually pressing the records. My dad worked in the industry and I spent one summer in college making good money plopping down that disc of plastic goo, making sure my hands were out of the way, and then hitting a button that would close the press. We "Press Operators" then removed the record, placed it on a spinner where the edge was trimmed, inspected both sides for imperfections, and placed it in a paper sleeve. It was a hot, boring job - which was great for reminding me I needed to finish my college degree! Thanks for the link - it brought back memories.