Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blessings #1

This entry is, hopefully, the first of a kind. I have just passed the 100-post mark and it occurred to me only this morning, sorry to say, that I really need a category entitled "Blessings".

I am writing this post on a laptop, a Mac iBook G3, given to me a couple of days ago by a very dear friend. As her family upgraded their own computers, she graciously bestowed this one on me. Refusing my attempts to pay her, this is by no means an uncharacteristic kindness of my friend. She routinely demonstrates the spiritual gift of generosity to all who know her. It's who she is and it's what she does because it's the way God made her. And she knows full well that what she has done for me is not merely given me a gift, but she has enabled me. She has invested in my life in a singularly meaningful way. I am humbled and awed by this, and I can't express enough gratitude. I will spend the next few weeks trying, though.

My intention is to optimize my new iBook for the writing and production of original music. A bright happy day has dawned around here in the land of Pike Speak. Dreams deferred have been resurrected and have taken on fresh, new vibrant colors.

I am richly blessed in friends, that is for sure.

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