Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Frederick Polley - New York City

Frederick Polley was exceedingly gifted in drawing architectural subjects, and he demonstrated a special appreciation for historic churches, in particular. Many of his works feature buildings and typically one sees that he strives to capture not merely an accurately rendered image, but also to reflect a sense of identity, character, and even history associated with his subject.

This lithograph was made from a drawing entitled "Little Church Around The Corner". I don't know which church this is in New York City, or precisely when it was drawn, but there are several things to appreciate. I like the open gate and the pastoral tone set by the shrubbery wall and courtyard, juxtaposed against the subtle backdrop of skyscrapers and penthouses in the near background.

When possible, my family collects the works of Frederick Polley.
If you see any, please let me know!

Listening: Lachrimae Pavin by John Dowland

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