Wednesday, November 15, 2006

10 Thoughts In Passing

1) I am working night and day this week so I'm behind on important things like blogging, art assignments, guitar practicing, home maintenance, computer audio card installation, Romans 6:1-12, and figuring out how to make my cellphone behave.

2) My Ford F-150 was a really, really good truck, may it rest in peace. With nearly 200K miles, many of them hard miles, I can't complain. It served faithfully for many years.

3) Sadly, since I will soon be buying another vehicle, all friends and relatives can expect lovely jars of homemade carmel corn for Christmas this year. Oh come on, its the thought that counts!

4) Remind me never to use the words "cannonball baptism" again. I can't believe how many hits I've been getting off of that stupid Youtube post. Yeesh.

5) Its more fun to deliver mail in the summer than it is in the winter. And some people just get way too much mail. You don't need ALL of those stupid catalogs. No. You don't.

6) I don't watch that much television, but I do like that show "Shark" on Thursday nights. I think James Woods is an exceptionally gifted actor, if homely. And Jeri Ryan...well, she has gifts, too. The writing is pretty good.

(7) It is odd to me that I don't write much about music on my blog. I've started to a couple of times, but I haven't been happy with what I wrote. Music means so much to me and it is my principal and most beloved means of artistic expression. It has been said, famously, that "writing about music is like dancing about architecture". That is a true statement, I believe.

(8) The above quote about music supposedly originated with Elivis Costello in 1983 in an interview in the now defunct Musician magazine. I like Elvis, and especially his music from that period, but I am dubious that he made that up himself. One thing I am sure of is that Elvis Costello is married to Diana Krall, who is one of the best jazz vocalists of our time. She is due to bear twins soon. Maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt. He could be that smart after all. Once, back in the early 80's, Elvis said something inappropriate at a party and Bonnie Raitt clocked him. Knocked him clean out cold, from what I understand. I like Bonnie Raitt, too, but I've got to move on...

(9) I'm really digging this English Renaissance music I've been listening to. I am co-coaching the Fine Arts Academic Team at the local high school. In spite of our school district's very small size, we have one of the most competitive teams in the state. This is the second year that I've helped out by teaching the kids music history. It is a lot of fun and I think they are just starting to appreciate some of the hot tunes from the 1500's. This next week we are going to be dissecting William Byrd's "Mass For Four Voices" and then checking out a gaggle of Thomas Morley's secular motets.

(10) G-man, buddy, we will be praying for you this week as you go through your trial by dentistry. Be strong. This too, will pass. We love you.

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