Thursday, December 13, 2007

MBPYNHO: "It's For You He Came" by Mark Bovee

Music By People You've Never Heard Of - Christmas edition.

For several years now, one of my favorite Christmas albums has been "It's For You He Came" by my friend Mark Bovee. Mark is an excellent pianist as well as a prolific and accomplished orchestrator and arranger, as well. He has an impressive discography, but he is kind of a behind the scenes guy. Alot of his best work has been making someone else sound great. He is a very humble and gifted artist. His wife, Christi, is an outstanding singer, too.

There is a wide array of styles on this album, but it is decidedly jazzy in character, overall. One of my favorites is his Latin-jazz arrangement of "What Child Is This." At our church we perform this one pretty much every year, usually featuring my wife, Nancy, on the solo vocal. Silky smooth and slow-burning, like the orange embers in your fireplace on a cold winter's night.

You can listen to excerpts from this album and buy a copy here. They make excellent Christmas presents.

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