Monday, December 31, 2007

Exit, Stage Left: Obligatory Year-End List of Famous Artists Who Died in 2007

From the Chicago Sun-Times. This time of year we are inundated with various lists and all kinds of retrospectives. But it does interest me, nevertheless, to review and consider some of the names of some of those who have left the planet in the last year.


Some of the people on this list I have never heard of. Some I've heard of and don't especially appreciate, although I'm certain others do. Some I know of only marginally, and others I knew quite well through their work. Some I appreciated in passing, or for a season, and there are some whose artistic efforts made a significant impression on me, even informing my own artwork or understanding of life.

But, no matter who you are or what you've done, when it's your time to go, you go.


Heidi said...

Um... this is off the subject... sorry, but I had to say that I like that you like the Rachel Ray cookbook and your comment about it is funny!

Happy New Year!

Barry Pike said...

Heh. Thanks, Heidi.

Yeah, Rachel rocks. She gets a lot of abuse for being so perky, but I like her. And that 30-minute cooking show is great. I do 90% of the cooking around here and I have used several of her ideas successfully.