Sunday, December 16, 2007

Blessings: Rural Mail Delivery in the Snow

"The United States Postal Service says 14 thousand rural route mail carriers across the country did not get a paycheck this week because of a glitch in the payroll system."

Happily, I am not delivering mail this year. That job was a blessing when I took it, and it was a blessing when I was able to let it go. I resigned my position as substitute rural carrier for the USPS a couple of months ago because I was just getting too busy with my real job. And, honestly, I was not looking forward to driving the backroads of Randolph county on days like today when the roads are icy and the wind is blowing snow like a white monsoon. It can be a very difficult and dangerous job. In the winter, your rural carrier really earns their pay so be nice to them. Give them a Christmas card and put some cookies or brownies in your mailbox for them this year.


Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Plus, I always thought that driving from the passenger's side of the car looked a bit dangerous! :-)

Barry Pike said...

Actually, AGT, you get used to that pretty quick. But it's no fun in the wintertime. I've had to dig myself out of drifts more than once.