Saturday, September 08, 2007



This weekend is our church's Fallfest/Friend Day celebration. One of the cool things I get to do this weekend, in addition to hosting a Blogging 101 demonstration table tomorrow, is to perform another spoken word piece, not unlike the one I blogged about back in February. I am doing it for the offertory.

This time I am using a slightly expanded version of the poem (it's not a poem, but I don't know what else to call it) that I posted here. For the musical underscore, I am using an edited version of Beat Pharmacy's tune, "The Monkey's Wedding" from their album Earthly Delights which sounds distinctly irreligious and, in fact, thematically has absolutely nothing to do with my poem. However, the percolating techno groove, with the hardcore funky wah-wah guitar part, the dreamy piano and muted jazz trumpet, captures a vibe that just seemed to fit. I did it for tonight's Contemporary service and it was reasonably well received (and by that I mean there was clapping). I will do it both for both Contemporary and ReMix services tomorrow.

So far, I haven't been able to wrangle the resources necessary to post original, homegrown videos to my blog. We'll see if that's going to be possible this time. If you are into techno, be sure to click on the link above and go to Beat Pharmacy's website. You can hear some great stuff there.

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IzzyBeth said...

First, the poem was great - I loved it -- and I'd love to see a VIDEO of the performance . . . which means, you MUST buy your new Mac - and you will have all the tools you need.

I hope today went well for everyone.

We miss you,