Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Saving the Music Industry - It's about the art.

"The music business, as a whole, has lost its faith in content. Only 10 years ago, companies wanted to make records, presumably good records, and see if they sold. But panic has set in, and now it's no longer about making music, it's all about how to sell music. And there's no clear answer about how to fix that problem."

This is an excellent article by Lynn Hirschberg, published in the New York Times Magazine that disects the problems in the music industry that I've written about here previously. This discussion is folded in and around a very insightful feature focusing on Rick Rubin, one of the very best, most successful, and visionary music producers in the last 20 years. He is an interesting man.

This piece actually holds a glimmering promise of hope, along with a sobering promise of inevitable change.

h/t ArtsJournal/Daily Art News, whose free online subscription I highly recommend.

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