Friday, July 27, 2007

PSA - Music By People You've Never Head Of.

Public Service Announcement: Regular readers, and I am referring to both of you, know that one of my favorite things is new, fresh MBPYNHO (Music By People You've Never Heard Of).

Here is a deep and wide pool of it, with free live broadband concert video footage. Fabchannel features performances of many different flavors by artists who have appeared on the stage of the Paradiso, a nightclub in Amsterdam.

I really liked Emiliana Torrini a lot. Her music is both melancholy and happy, fragile and strong, innocent and experienced, all at the same time. The Whip was a fun listen, reminding me mostly of the Pyschedelic Furs, a punk-pop band of yesteryear of whom I very fond. I couldn't stand Late of the Pier...those boys can hardly play. Several of the techno/DJ acts were musically interesting. I haven't listened to anywhere near all of it, but there's metal, pop, folk, dance, blues, and much more to be seen and heard. And very nearly all of it is MBPYNHO.

Shawn Colvin does not qualify as an unknown artist by any means and her set is absolutely transcendant. She plays and sings so well. Be sure to check her out.

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