Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Cavaliers Update

As noted in an earlier post, JP joined up with The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps on 6/20/07 at the contest held in Decatur, IN. Since that time he has travelled with them nonstop as an alternate. We had not heard from him since that time although we knew where he was from their tour schedule.

We caught up with them this past Monday night at a contest in Centerville, Ohio, south of Dayton. The stadium was packed...okay, not the other side that you see in the picture, but on the home side, there was nary a free seat in the house.

We took my two nephews visiting from Virginia to see the contest, too, and it was really a great show. I had emailed Jordan telling him we would be there, but he had not responded so I had no idea whether or not he received it. Turns out, he had not.

There are 4 alternate performers who do not actually march the show with the corps, but they do perform at the parades, encores, and other post-contest activities. Below, JP is the 4th trumpeter from the end in the closest row.

So he was startled when, as they were exiting the field following the performance to hear me voice a distinctive greeting. We were then able to catch up with him and spend some time with him as the corps packed up. They were driving back through the night to Chicago for a day off and some practice before hitting the road again.

Here he is with his super-proud Mom and his two cousins, Garret and Zachary.

We've really been missing him. I know he'll be 21 years old in November, and yes, he moved out a couple of years ago to go to college. As a family we are all well into the healthy process of emptying the nest. But two weeks without a phone call or an email was making me edgy. It was really great to see him, hug him, and hear about his recent adventures.

We are well blessed and he is doing very well. The next time we see him is likely to be in a couple of weeks in Dublin, OH, just before they head off to Texas and the Southwest for a couple of weeks. Check out their schedule here. JP mentioned that it is likely that by that time he will have moved from alternate to the active roster and will be marching in every show. Get to a show if one comes to your area. This is nothing like your normal high school or college marching band, I guarantee. It is really fun to watch.


Heidi said...

This is a truly incredible thing to be on this drum and bugle corps tour... good for him!!!

(Also... enjoyed the video... I have seen this guy in person and it is pretty amazing, indeed.)

DaveG said...

We were hoping to make it to Dublin tonight, but the missus has a hard & fast rule about sitting outside when it's 90+ degrees. I guess I can't blame her.