Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Cavaliers - Dublin, OH 07/09/07

This past Monday night we travelled to Dublin, Ohio, a Columbus suburb, to see the Cavaliers perform. Our troupe included Nancy and I, Nancy's sister Mary, and Charles, Camomille, & Bryce Swarts, who are visiting from Portland, OR this week.

Here is a slice of the Cavvie's show. They did a great job (again) and they won the contest handily this time. There were several new elements as they continue to morph and refine things. The next time we will see him will be at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis on July 28th, which is one of the biggest events of the season.

After the encore, we were able to catch up with JP, and here he is with Bryce. He and Bryce have a special friendship and the little guy was absolutely overjoyed and completely impressed to see JP. Bryce looks very spiffy in his brand-new Cavalier's T-shirt, too.

Here is JP signing autographs for his adoring fans, Jordan spent much of last summer living with and working for Cam and Charles in Portland, so they were all very glad to see each other again.

Jordan confirmed that something he had alluded to previously had in fact come to pass in the past week. He has been promoted from alternate to the active roster. This week will be very intense for him as he has to learn some 230+ pages of marching show this week. He already knows the music, of course, and is very familiar with the overall performance, but now that he is actually in the show, it is significantly more difficult and important.

He is very pleased.


Evan said...

Maybe I'll see you on the 28th, I can't wait!!!

DaveG said...

Sure sorry we missed it, although getting to fly again was nice too. My wife comes from a music family - my father-in-law was the director of the Ohio State Concert Band for 27 years. He was also an instructor, and continues to teach individual students even today at age 89.

At the first OSU football game I went to with my then fiance, my future father-in-law was guest conductor for the National Anthem. It was band alumni day, so he was conducting over 1000 band members. Truly awesome, and one of my more treasured memories.

Barry Pike said...

Evan: We'll be there. Even my 91-year old grandma is going.

Dave: Wow, that IS quite a music pedigree.

IzzyBeth said...

Yay Jordan! Give me details on the 28th - since its Indy, maybe we can come. I love Drum & Bugle Corps - and I haven't been to a show in a long time. :-)

Kimberly said...

Wow, what a celeb! that Jordan Pike! Send back a souvenier signed something, ticket, program, picture, logo, etc. for the 'tech crew' at FCWC, since we will be working this weekend and won't be able to see you. Randy will still be in Bogota, along w/Steve and the guys, so with Nancy and Barry in Indy, I will do my best to help keep things afloat w/Miss Lorie. Barry, we would love to see a video of the 28th if you can arrange it and show some on the big screen maybe during rehearsal next week. Randy can edit a bit for family time announcements too! Just a thought!