Tuesday, April 10, 2007


More great, obscure music that you've probably never heard of...

Today I stumbled across the website of a contemporary music producer based in Germany who goes by the peculiar moniker of "King Brain". I had never heard of him, but he's got it going on, especially in the terms of funk, groove, and dance production albums.

Go check out his website here. The embedded mp3 player hooks you fast with a clip from a knockout tune by Leroy Emmanuel called "Funk Is The Final Frontier". Spend some time clicking around some of the other links and mp3's, too. There is a great YouTube video showing Emmanuel playing a couple of other tunes off his new album, "Color Me Funky", and then a really bizarre performance involving spoons. Emmanuel's music really reminds me of some classic Tower of Power, Parliament/Funkadelic, Earth Wind & Fire, kind of funk. This is the genuine article.

A big portion of the website is in German, but it is easy to navigate. There's a lot to see and some great music that you won't hear anywhere else.

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