Monday, April 23, 2007

Blessings #2

This past weekend at church I got to sing one of my very favorite songs, "Befriended", by Matt Redman from his Where Angels Fear To Tread CD. Here are the lyrics:

Befriended, befriended by the king above all kings
Surrendered, surrendered to the friend above all friends
Invited, invited deep into this mystery
Delighted, delighted by the wonders I have seen

This will be my story,
This will be my song,
You will always be my savior,
Jesus, you will always have my heart.

Astounded, astounded that your gospel beckons me
Surrounded, surrounded but I've never been so free
Determined, determined now to live my life for you
You're so worthy, my greatest gift would be the least you're due.

This is such a sweet, intimate song of has always touched me deeply. I can't speak for anyone else in attendance, but it really blessed me this weekend.

Here is what its composer has to say about it. I wish there was a good way to post the audio directly here, his version, of course, not mine. You can probably hear a bit of it on iTunes, I suppose. I recommend the whole CD highly, though, and the best place to buy it is probably

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