Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Check this out.

The name of this site is Bird's Eye Tourist, and it is an online collection of satellite imagery. It is similar to Wikipedia and other interactive websites in that the owners invite reader participation and submittals. Many of the entries, like the one for the Coliseum in Rome pictured here include historical footnotes. The entries are tagged and carefully arranged into into collections or categories based around location or theme, which makes browsing or searching productive and fun. Some entries are quite detailed and specialized, like the fascinating collection of retired military aircraft, the architecture collections, national landmarks, prisons, or the views of carousels from all over the US. There are also, of course, celebrity homes, crimes scenes, and such, as well as noteworthy historical locations, like the site of the great Hindenburg zepellin crash in 1937.

Fascinating stuff.

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