Friday, January 26, 2007

The Most Horrible Sound In The World

This has been another week in which I have been tool busy trying to live my life to properly chronicle it, hence the dearth of blogging once again.

I've got a couple of legitimate posts that I am working on as well as some accumulated notes and half-baked opinions that I may sling up later. In the meantime, I ran across this entertaining story about the most disturbing kind of audio information and I thought it would be fun to pass on.

I'm also thinking about posting my response to Heather's meme, a type of blogging I've never done before and may never do again. For some reason, I like reading other people's responses but get kind of wierded out by my own.

Listening: Go by the Newsboys. Several good songs on this album, but I think my favorites are "Your Love Is Better Than Life" and "Gonna Be Alright". The groove and lyric on the former are especially well-crafted, and I love the way the hymn wafts spacily in and out on the latter. You can listen to some samples on the links above.

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