Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Things You Don't Hear Every Day

One sure sign that I am too busy living my life to blog properly is when I post entries about the misadventures of other people's pets. That said, this excerpt below, from an email my brother sent me today simply cannot go unreported. The internet needs to know this, and now.

On a more somber note; Fiona ate a quite big chunk of a pair of my dirty
underwear. Well, as you might suspect, it dang near killed her. She had to have
surgery yesterday to remove it

And I thought my dogs were stupid. Well, my dogs are stupid, but still...

You know, when you have a personal blog like mine, not some important big-time Instapundit kind of meta-blog, but just a homey little plot in the rural backwoods of cyberspace, you take on a tacit obligation, an implicit moral responsibility to write about absolutely every interesting, unusual...or disgusting thing that happens to you and/or the people you know. Thats just the way it is.


Heidi said...

Funny!!! (But seriously, I am glad that the cat is alright.)

I have to admit, though, that I hear things like this a little more than the average person... my husband is a veterinarian. Still a great post!!!

GPIKE said...

Fiona is doing much better now. She prances and wiggles now and only seems slowed when going up or down the stairs. I don't think she's taken anything away from this whole episode, however. We've caught her sniffing the laundry with a hundry look in her eye...

gpike said...

Hungry... I'm pretty certain hundry is not a word and if it is I'm pretty sure I just used it improperly.