Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In Which John Kerry Is Revealed To Be A Republican Secret Agent

It is rare and uncharacteristic that I would feel inclined to post anything of a political bent. Not because I'm not interested or concerned, because I truly am civic-minded. But such topics are covered exhaustively elsewhere in the blogosphere by people much more motivated and capable than I am.

However, this little brouhaha fascinates me. Its just so crazy. Its really more the human drama side of it that makes me wondrous. But as I watch this story unfold, I can't help thinking that maybe Karl Rove is the greatest political mastermind of our time after all. Could it really be a tactic in some brilliant and subtle Republican strategy to simply see to it that every now and then somebody sticks a microphone in front of this guy?

I bet the Democratic Party leadership is livid. Well, the best among them probably are, Howard Dean notwithstanding.

First, you have this:


which leads to:


followed quickly by:


and then everyone piles on:

http://www.drudgereport.com/flash3.htm (this link won't last long)

Update: Glen, of course, has the definitive Reader's Digest version to prevent you from having to wade through the junk above. Just in case it had crossed your mind to do so.

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