Saturday, August 12, 2006


I am well aware that unemployment is a problem everywhere, varying only by degree. However, it is also very possible to be overemployed. I have a couple of different jobs and numerous other committments and responsibilities. Usually I am able to juggle them, successfully balancing the time and resources necessary to keep everything in order and all parties satisfied, myself included. But occassionally, like this past week, the various orbits converge uncomfortably, causing gravitational stress, near collision, and generally making me nuts. When I work too much, I get depressed. Though I like my job(s) and there are aspects that are very fulfilling and rewarding, I am really not doing what I would like to do. Nevertheless, today while working, I intend to make a concentrated effort to enumerate my blessings while I trudge onward. That seldom fails to to lift my heart and focus. Because it really is a problem of perspective, oh my disgruntled heart.

Here is another excellent old postcard.

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