Monday, August 07, 2006

Sometimes the internet and the whole telecommuting thing makes me a little nuts, but overall I am really grateful for this technology on which my livelihood is so dependant. Today was a good day. I sat at my desk, unshaved and unshowered, barely presentable and did almost $15K in sales. I am blessed to have many friends as customers, and most of them are involved in some aspect of ministry. And except for the Tascam DVD-6500 that showed up DOA, purchased by my own church (?!?!), there were no serious problems.

Showered, shaved, and cleaned up, I am now waiting for the family to get home and I will prepare dinner.

Unfortunately, it looks like I may have blown up my sound card in the thunderstorm last week. I have my computer and all of it's appendages properly UPS'd and otherwise protected, but not long ago, I purchased a new receiver/amp and thought it would be cool to run my computer audio through my stereo system. Which is not protected in any way from surges, spikes, lighting storms, or anything else. I think one of the times we momentarily lost power, there must have been a voltage reversal or some kind of static discharge through the stereo audio cable running from my PC to the receiver. Bummer. Not sure what I'm going to do about that. One of the downsides of being 1000 miles away from the home office is its harder to get stuff like this dealt with easily. Or at all.

Listening: Reuben Morgan - World Through Your Eyes

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