Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Little Bit Of Alright

My wife, Nancy, is an antique dealer and an artist, among other things. She makes interesting collage/multi-media works that frequently include antique photos or other found artifacts. She is always collecting unusual photos or postcards and frequently gives them to people as birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc., usually with her own greeting written on the back. I'll no doubt be posting some of her work from time to time.

I like this one alot. The guy really looks like he is three sheets to the wind and absolutely incorrigible. The woman has a certain grimness in her jawline that seems to suggest that, while she is not unfamiliar with his lecherous tendencies, it occurs to her at the very last second that maybe she doesn't want this rendevous immortalized forever by the camera. Her right arm is, with some urgency, attempting to counter a spirited but ill-timed advance perpetrated by his left hand. And not a moment too soon.

What a great picture. I wonder what their lives were like.

Listening to: Mike Stern - Between The Lines

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