Friday, May 22, 2009

What's In Your Fridge?

I found Good Magazine's pictorial essay of the contents of people's refrigerators fascinating. I'm not sure why, except that it is one of those slice of life exercises that the Internets seem to be good for.

The one with the rattlesnake was pretty interesting.

Here's what's in my fridge ------------------>

Obviously my snapshot is vastly inferior to the ones in the essay. And, for the sake of authenticity and personal integrity, I didn't pose any of my foodstuffs. This is them in their natural, candid state, caught unawares before the intruding lens.

The only thing that I can see here that may merit some explanation is the thing on the top shelf next to the egg carton. That is a chicken made out of wire. It's function, allegedly, is to store the eggs. My wife always tries to get me to "load the chicken," but I refuse, on philosophical grounds.

Sometimes a guy just has to put his foot down. A man needs to know where to draw the line - what battles are worth fighting and stuff like that.

h/t Mark Bittman


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c'mon, load the chicken - the chicken is good . . .