Monday, May 18, 2009

Skynet Wins - Goodbye Sarah Conner

I'm not big on TV blogging, but I did just find out that one of the few shows that I enjoyed has been cancelled. Ain't that the way? Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles was really a good action series.

And now, with no one to protect us, we are all doomed to destruction and enslavery at the hands of our evil robot overlords from the future. Thanks alot, Fox.

Oh, but they did renew Dollhouse. Hate that show. I'm a fan of creator/producer Joss Whedon, but that show is stupid. Not gonna watch it. Not even gonna link to it.


IzzyBeth said...

I love dollhouse! (hee hee).

But I am SUPER STOKED that they finally renewed CHUCK!!! Best show evah. LOL

IzzyBeth said...

watch Chuck.