Saturday, November 01, 2008

Genoa Salami

One of the things I like best about authentic Genoa salami is that you know it's good because it tastes like something might be wrong with it's slightly spoiled or something. But it's not. Really.

It's great in scrambled eggs with a little sweet bell peppers. Here's a link to more info about salami in general, including links to recipes.


Heidi said...

"...because it tastes like something might be wrong with it..."

Hmmm... not sure I am on board with this one. :-)

Barry Pike said...

It's funky. But it's good!

margova said...

Nothing wrong with funky (most of the time.. ha!). I love the Average White Band :-)

I am an avid partaker in lots of cuisines that may be considered 'funky' by some. Love different cheeses (cottage included, but not 'hoghead'.. yukky yuk!).. caviar (black or red lumpfish).. liver pate`.. raw oysters (on the half- shell, not "mountain").. all the while enjoying and ice cold Falstaff (the beer.. not Sir John) *jk*

I may consider giving Genoa salami a try in the future. It seems like something I'd probably enjoy. I mean, if Barry says it's good... :-B