Friday, October 17, 2008

I don't approve of this message.

If ever there was a candidate for my "Egregious Offenses" label, it is this little collection of news stories about the left's insane pummelling of Joe The Plumber. Helpfully collected by the Instapundit, they reveal the deeply bitter, conniving, and pernicious spirit that prevails in the hearts of some of the most influential supporters of and powerful people in the Democratic party. 

What are these knuckleheads thinking?  I guess they are telling us what they are thinking about those of us who work for a living.


Jannie Funster said...

Totally Dude, totally!!

I'm so with you on this.

Dick Morris said October would belong to Obama but Nov. 4th would prove a different story, let's hope.

Let's hope.

DaveG said...

Joe the Plumber is the new Sarah Palin. The over-the-top attention paid to anyone/anything that even remotely threatens the carefully manufactured brand of their chosen candidate must be discredited by any means possible.

The lesson they fail (over and over) to learn is that Americans don't like bullies. Expect a backlash.

The funny thing is, I watched the whole video, and IMHO if Obama had just quit while he was ahead this never would have been a story. Then the overreacted and made Joe the story. Any positive that Obama could have seen from a simple dollars & cents answer to Joe is now lost in the tumult.

Bad tactics lose wars.

margova said...

It's just too darn bad that President Bush can't serve yet, another 4 years in office. Oh wait.. I suppose that in a way, he will be.. under the moniker, "John McCain." Ok.. maybe that was a little over the top.. but, let's face it.. the last 7+ years hasn't been a ride in the park. Our economy is terrible and we are in debt up to our eyebrows, (umm uhh the illustrious US government, not me *thank the Lord*). So, I can safely say that 'I am ready for CHANGE here in America.' Of course.. change for the better. Who really know's exactly what is going to happen when any given individual get's into office. They sell you horse and deliver a jack.. jack.. jack.. umm donkey. I'm as patriotic as it get's.. but feel I've been somewhat "disillusioned" about how 'things' REALLY worked, in the genre of 'government'.. as opposed to how I THOUGHT they worked. Or maybe how they CAN work. I believe that sometime things can get quite ugly.. and do, sadly.

This link really opened my eyes to a few things. Answered some very important questions, disappointingly enough.

margova said...
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margova said...
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IzzyBeth said...

TAG!! You're it!!