Monday, October 20, 2008

7 Random Weird Things Meme

I don't usually do meme-blogging.  I have some half-baked reasons for this reluctance, but it's mostly because I'm a curmudgeon.  On the rare occasions when I have participated it has been at the request of close friends.  Izzybeth has tagged me for this thing.  I don't know yet whether or not I will perpetuate this meme...I doubt it, but I don't mind following through to this extent.

List 7 random weird things about myself:

1)  I sang in an opera chorus in college.  It was Verdi's Falstaff, and I enjoyed it immensely.  Like a lot of things, opera is much more fun to do than it is to spectate.

2)  I lived in Grand Island, Nebraska for one winter when I was in the fourth grade.

3)  I have always wanted to be a private pilot like my grandfather.  I suspect it will not come to pass.  I suspect that flying will have to wait until the next life.

4)  I have heard the Lord speak in an audible voice.  

5)  I once met Harold Melvin of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, the icon of Philadelphia Soul, who wrote the classic "If You Don't Know Me By Now".  I sold him a Tascam cassette deck in a music store in south Dallas.

6)  I own a pair of tiny mummified monkey's feet.  My wife gave them to me.

7)  Most people think that death is the worst thing that can happen to you.  I've been certain for a very long time that this is not true.

If you read this, then, uhm, go ahead and tag yourself and make your own list.  The rules are above.  Let me know that you did this (on the honor system) so I can come read 7 random weird things about you, too.


IzzyBeth said...

Heh. Thanks Barry! Now I want you to elaborate on number 4. Number 5 is totally cool and Number 6 is creepy, though I'm not sure if it is because you have them, or because you got them as a present from your wife. LOL!!!

Jannie Funster said...

Okay I totally never meme but What the heck.

1. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 23.
2. I can milk a cow (really.)
3. As a kid I used to hide food I didn't like on top of the board under the table
4. I am a wonderful cook but prefer not to.
5. I ran off from my first husband with my landlord to Texas over 18 years ago.
6. My first marriage lasted less than 3 years.
7. This one's a keeper even tho we both drive each other crazy some times

EIGHT... I did need a man with a chainsaw a few years ago and traded my drumming metronome for his services.

DaveG said...

Don't give up on #3.

margova said...

I'm surprized that you're not already a pilot, Barry.

Heidi said...

Yes, I agree with izzybeth and you should elaborate on #4... how cool!!! And special!!!

#6... weird!

And now I will be doing this over at my blog so that you can return the silly comments to me!

NP said...

Regarding the mummified monkey's feet . . . they are from the late 1800's and quite fascinating. Perhaps they deserve some blog time . . .