Sunday, September 21, 2008


This is good news if you are fan of Roxy Music like I am.  Original members Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzera, Andy McKay, Paul Thompson, and Brian Eno, et al, are back in the studio cooking up their first album in some 20 years. 

It is my considered opinion that Avalon is one of the best rock albums ever, so my hopes are high. At the bottom of the original Mix Magazine article linked above is a link that lead to another interesting article that discusses the details of the Avalon session, for those of you that find the behind-the-scenes studio stuff interesting.  


margova said...

Hi Barry..

I'm going to have to check this one out. You've turned me on to so much really wonderful music/bands.. even though I am a little familiar with Roxy Music.. well, Brian Ferry, anyway.. perhaps Brian Eno, as well. So you've moved back to Indiana? Goodness! 'Many moons' have passed since we've seen each other.. can you say 'Brook Mays Music.. mid 1980's?".. ha! How's Nancy? Still gorgeous as ever I suppose **deep sigh**.. and your son? You've always been such an eloquent speaker..and I see that you've allowed that to carry over into your vast writings. Such interesting blogs.. from what I've read.. and I do intend on reading more. Anywho.. great to see that you're still in existence and seemingly doing quite well. The world is totally a much better place simply because you're in it :-)

Say 'hello' to your lovely family for me. Hope you're having an amazing week, thus far.

Much love.. Margo~ xox

ps- What IS a "Hoosier" anyway? I've often wondered. ;-) mva~

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margova said...

Oh, I couldn't remember the name of the really kewl Brian Eno album before.. now I just remembered.. "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" w/ David Byrne(1981). You're most likely already aware of this LP.. but just in case :-)

Margo~ xox