Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I just joined Facebook.  

Against my better judgement.

What was I thinking?

UPDATE:  With a link to my actual Facebook profile.  Who knew there were other people with my name on Facebook?  Imposters, all of them.


DaveG said...

Wow, you and thirteen other Barry Pikes! I couldn't find your specific page, but that's because it wanted me to register first and we all know that I'm way too internet shy to do that!

Barry Pike said...

Well, Dave, I feel the same way. I hate signing up for stuff. I'm sure it's a generational thing and/or just my advancing curmudgeonliness and general distrust of socially-motivated computer connectivity.

But it seems to be at least an alternate, if not the best, way to keep up with what my son is doing these days.
He'll no doubt be horrified when he sees his parents requesting to be his newest "friends".

Jenn said...

Yeah, um . . . do you care to let us know WHICH Barry Pike you are? Your kids will think you're so much cooler if you have more facebook friends--who aren't all people they know. (Trust me on this one.)

Barry Pike said...

Those other so called "Barry Pike" people are imposters. Trying to steal my mojo, or something.

Nevertheless, I have updated this post with link that actually lands somewhere useful. Or if not useful, at least pertinent.

DaveG said...

Hey, just don't search on MY name on facebook. There's one picture in particular that is not one I would want to be associated with. I wish I had never looked...