Friday, May 23, 2008

Cavaliers 2008

Today JP heads off to Rosemont, Illinois, the Chicago suburb.  He is a Cavalier, playing and marching with the renown DCI drum & bugle corps all summer for their 2008 season.  Except for those times when the corps is competing or performing in our area, we won't see him again until mid-August.

Every year, hundreds of young men from all over the world audition for very few openings, so
 it is both quite an honor and a testimony to his skill and hard work that he made it again.  This 
is the culmination of a dream that he has had 
since he was in junior high school.  It is his second and last year with the Cavaliers since, at 21, he ages out.  He was an alternate last season but will be marching as a starter this year.  This is a big year, too, for the Cavvies since it is their 60th anniversary.  

He's already been to several preseason weekend camps, but now he's moving in.  The physical and mental training is very intense and the musical instruction is world-class.  And there will be many hours spent crisscrossing the country on busses and and sleeping in school gymnasiums.

We'll miss him but are very proud of all he's doing these days.


NP said...

That's my boy!

Heidi said...

This is quite an accomplishment... congratulations to him!!!

Shoemaker Family said...

Hey guys...we saw you this weekend...I don't think you saw us! :) We even saw you mowing your lawn!!! We beeped...

How can we get a schedule of JP's performances. We'd love to attend if he's in our vicinity.

NP said...

Just check :) Sorry we missed seeing your sweet faces!