Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter at FCWC

It was a great Easter weekend at our church.  In all three services, we were blessed with extraordinary attendance.  Our pastor, Dave Anderson, delivered a great message and there were many people who either recommitted their lives to Christ or took steps toward a first-time decision to accept Christ.

Among the numerous worship elements in play was a drama that featured as it's figurative and literal centerpiece a humongous cross, 38 feet tall.

The drama was an adaptation of a script and concept from Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago.  Nancy was the driving creative force behind the building of the cross, as well as most of the other artistic elements, but it's realization in our service required a huge team effort by a couple of dozen talented and gifted people.  Here are some photos.

The cross was constructed first from pieces of aluminum triangular trussing.  Then pieces of pressed foam insulation boards were cut and strapped to the trussing with heavy-duty nylon ties.  It was made in two pieces that were ultimately bolted together to form the cross.

After much work and careful fitting, our artists painted the blue foam, scoring and sculpting the face of it with a propane torch.  More painting and touch up followed.

Here is a picture of the finished cross on the stage with some preliminary lighting.  This picture was taken at the drama rehearsal on Saturday.  The basic idea of the script is that this huge cross has crashed through the roof of the house, literally through the middle of the dining room table.  But the family who lives at the house ignore it, going to great lengths to avoid discussion or mention of the cross.  One of the lines mentions something to the effect that they only take note of it at Christmas and Easter.  It was very funny, but also compelling.

Above is a picture from the Saturday night service.  For more pics and detailed info, check out Nancy's Flickr page.


IzzyBeth said...

Was this videotaped? I would like to see the skit . . .

Heidi said...

Looks like an awesome set!

Happy Easter again... He is risen!

Shoemaker Family said...

How fun! Love the concept! And leave it to FCWC to get it done!! Way to go, Nancy! (& team)

gpike said...

Very cool! What an powerful visual.

Barry Pike said...

Beth: I bet it was your unka steve...he's the man for that.

Heidi: He is risen indeed! Thanks!

Al & Sep: time you guys are in town we should do lunch.

G: looking forward to you and the clan coming out in a couple of days. :)

Barry Pike said...

The cross has now been fully disassembled as NCP and the team are preparing for the next sermon series.

We've returned the rented trussing and the foam insulation is scheduled to be repurposed and installed in one of our guy's barns as....insulation. That's the way it goes, though. You put a lot of creativity, effort, and time into something that is really only intended to last for a short time, just for a weekend in this case.

But it was enjoyed by over 1500 people this weekend and there were over 100 recorded committments to Jesus Christ. That's why we do it.

Heidi said...

Barry- I found myself initially being bothered that there was no room to even stand as we waited to enter our worship center for Easter service... and then I caught myself. I smiled and then realized that that was a wonderful "problem" to have... to be crowded for Easter service.

100 committed to Christ... I hope the same happened from our service.

NP said...

I am grateful to the Lord who placed Barry, Jordan and I in a church that allows a steady dose of artistic elements. The FCWC leadership gets the "why" we want to do it and allows our team
the freedom to do it.