Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beware of Cat - Postal Recollections

Whew! One less thing I have to do. I can scratch off of my to do list the whole "writing a book about my experiences as a substitute rural mail carrier, " I think, because it looks like this book is probably going to be close enough.

Although it is something I only did part-time for 3 years, it was an interesting job. And, as this book promo alludes, you did get to know a lot about the people in your community. From delivering the mail you know which young couple is having marital problems, which family has a loved one in prison, who is struggling with addiction, illness, or physical handicap. You get a feel for who is having trouble making ends meet and who has been blessed with wealth. You know who the good cooks are, whose kids are in college, what churches people attend and, sometimes, what houses the cops suspect hold hidden meth labs.

I never did get bit by dog or cat, but there were some close calls. Here's more info on the book.

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