Sunday, November 11, 2007

We are winning the Anti-Anti-War War

I don't rant often, but I wrote a snarling bit of prose not long ago about how I hoped that Hollywood would shrivel up and die as a result of their despicable efforts to wring profit from the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was not possible then and is still not possible for me to understate my complete disgust with the actors, actresses, producers, directors, writers, et al, who have made and released this year's batch of anti-American, anti-military movies.

This report and the accompanying comments, one of several such floating around in cyberspace, is based on box-office numbers, and bears out that most of the rest of America feels the same way.

Robert Redford, this guy wants to kick your treasonous ass to Texas and back.

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DaveG said...

I don't go to many movies, having late in life developed the patience to wait for the free DVD release from our municipal library, but I would go to a movie about, say, the amazing run from the Baghdad airport to downtown.

I'd prefer it not be cast with overpaid, entrenched "stars," though. But yeah, absent a preachy or negative political message, I'd go see something like that.

Why won't they make it? Are the decision makers so wrapped up in their moral superiority and "art" that they can't provide a product that appeals to the customer anymore? Even Ben & Jerry's ice cream is still tasty, despite the misdirected (IMHO) politics of the founders.

TV is worse. I hardly watch it anymore since it's being held hostage by overtly liberal writers and producers.

I figure the only way I will ever be able to sit down with the family for a night of TV again is if a Democrat gets the White House.

I'm afraid at this point, though, that my resentment over the last 8 years is too deep for me to ever go back.