Friday, November 30, 2007

Too stupid to lean Left

I have been observing the fallout from the CNN-moderated Republican debate with great amusement. As it happened, I was able to watch most of the debate itself from the Atlanta airport where we were holed up for several hours on Monday evening. The debate was entertaining enough (Ron Paul is definitely the Republican's Dennis Kucinich, minus the UFO sightings and the child-bride), but it is funny to me what has happened since.

As you've probably heard, CNN didn't bother to check the backgrounds of any of the video question submitters and, lo and behold, roughly 1/3 of them have direct, current, and public ties to various Democratic party nominees and/or organizations. Heh.

There are a plethora of links available, but here is a quickie summary:

CNN is squirmining because their only choices in response are to say, in some form:

1) "We didn't know." Which is true and makes them look really stupid.
2) "Hey, that's not true!" Which is false and makes them look really, really stupid.
3) "Uhm, we don't think it matters." Which, if true, makes them look biased and really, really stupid.

And, while the story is being generously covered in a lot of other media outlets, CNN's own coverage of the controversy goes something like, "And now, to Wolf Blitzer covering that raging grass fire outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma...".

I may start watching Fox News again.

I stole this Perryhead from James Lileks. If he wants it back all he has to do is ask politely.

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