Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Why MP3's are Tools Of Satan

"For purists, it is the dark ages of recorded sound." Even for those of us who aren't, strictly speaking, purists, it sucks.

Yes, I know this horse is dead. And yet I am strangely compelled to drag it out and beat on it periodically. Technology should make art, and therefore, life, better, not worse. (Is that too many commas? I couldn't decide.)

I've got things to say. But I've been fiendishly busy lately, plowing the fields of commerce.

UPDATE: "Big-selling albums by Linkin Park and the White Stripes were not enough to prevent widening losses at Warner Music, which suffered a drop in income as fans shifted from compact discs to digital downloads."


DaveG said...

I struggle with commas too, but I'm superb with semi-colons.

bardhol said...

"Technology should make art, and therefore, life, better, not worse."

Maybe it's time to listen to Vox Humana again, friend...
"Inside this chest beats a plastic heart
And pleasure is it's goal"