Thursday, August 16, 2007

PSA: Dover Publications Clip Art

In lieu of anything more substantive, here is a Public Service Announcement. Dover Publications has a free weekly newsletter email to which one may subscribe that I can recommend. They publish a wide variety of books, cards, and other paper and electronic materials. Their newsletter is a sales promotion tool, to be sure, but it is as polite and unoffensive instrument as you are likely to see, and it offers something cool in return.

Each week, the newsletter features a sampler page of free clipart images from their publications. Dover encourages you to download and use this material in any way you see fit. Each week there are at least a dozen different interesting images from a variety of sources. Many of the images are iconic or historic and feature a broad range of style and design. I have reproduced a few here.

Those of you with an artistic bent will really like this, I think, and I encourage you to check it out, and then sign up for their free newsletter.

h/t to Nancy for turning me on to this.

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Heidi said...

Cool! Thanks!