Friday, June 29, 2007

Soul of a Man by Bruce Cockburn

Here is a great live version of one of my favorite Bruce Cockburn tunes, "Soul of a Man." Cockburn is an extraordinarily gifted and prolific songwriter and this is one of the few songs that he has recorded that was not written by him. He purportedy adapted it from a 1930 recording by Blind Willie Johnson. It appears on his excellent 1991 album, entitled Nothing But A Burning Light.

Here are the lyrics:

I'm going to ask the question
Please answer if you can
Is there anybody's children can tell me
What is the soul of a man?

Won't somebody tell me
Answer if you can
Won't somebody tell me
Tell me what is the soul of a man?

I've travelled different countries
Travelled to the furthest lands
Couldn't find nobody could tell me
What is the soul of a man


I saw a crowd stand talking
I just came up in time
Was teaching the lawyers and the doctors
That a man aint nothing but his mind


I read the Bible often
I try to read it right
As far as I can understand
It's nothing but a burning light


When Christ taught in the temple
The people all stood amazed
Was teaching the lawyers and the doctors
How to raise a man from the grave


I love this song. Take a listen and tell me what you think about it.

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Heidi said...

This guy is TOO smooth!

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.