Thursday, June 28, 2007

Le Français Miserables

French president Nicholas Sarkozy to Barbra Streisand on the occasion of her being awarded the prestigious Medal of the Legion of Honor, "You are the America that we love."

They must be thinking about that one movie, back in the 1960's...what was it called?


DaveG said...

No accounting for taste. They were apparently pretty keen on Jerry Lewis too. Don't get me wrong, the Lewis/Dean movies were hilarious, when I was 10 or so. But even then, I never considered him to be a comic genius.

Of course, the whole Jerry Lewis thing could be anecdotal; I've never bothered to ascertain the authenticity of it.

Heidi said...

Are you meaning to think of the movie "The Way We Were"? That was with Robert Redford.

What is he meaning by saying that, I wonder?

Heather said...

Don't diss Barbra, Barry. You know I love her. She's like buttah.

Barry Pike said...

Heh. I know you do, Heather. Babs can sing, for sure. Back in the days of vinyl, when I was but a wee lad, I actually had a couple of her albums. I used to fantasize about how cool it would be if she would make an album with, like Toto or Chicago, or somebody like that. But nowadays, she's just wacky.

But, really, it's the stupid French that peeve me. They are the one's who use the word "cowboy" like it is a bad thing. They don't get it. Over and over they don't get it. Not getting it is like their national pastime.