Monday, May 14, 2007


A few things that caught my interest this morning, worthy of sharing.

1) Grand Theft Auto story…you reap what you sow. h/t to Jeff at AIM.

2) Randy Adams, a friend of mine, just returned from Belarus. He has been there many times, having helped build and equip what is probably one of the best recording studios in that country. Anyway, we were talking this morning about the sociopolitical climate there, which is oppressively totalitarian and growing more so. It piqued my interest in the history of that region so I had to surf around for some pictures and info. I don't think most Americans know much about Eastern Europe.

3) Another from Jeff, the Ever-Vigilant, who pointed me to this interesting post at The Evangelical Outpost. I agree with most of it and I found it all very thought-provoking: Ten Deadly Trappings of Evangelism

4) And I stumbled across this painting that I like, entitled The Narrow Way, by David Hayward.

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jeff said...

Thanks for the links Barry. I found that Grand Theft Auto story to be very intriguing.

I too disagreed with some of the dangers of evangelizing post but thought it was provocative. Interesting stuff out there, doesn't take too much vigilance to catch idiocy in the making!