Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Insert Clever Title Ridiculing Al Gore Here

It disturbs me that Satan and his minions (shown here) evidently use the same office organization and file management techniques as I do. I'm digging that rascal's crazy 3-screen computer monitor set-up, though.

It looks like Eminem on the flatscreen TV behind him. Yeah, he's down with that.

And what's he doing there exactly? Is that Pike Speak he's checking out...or is he just uploading more spam onto the internet?

Hey! How about a Caption Contest for this picture? Insert yours into the comments. (No sailor-talk, though, unless you provide definitive proof that you are, in fact, an active-duty able-bodied seaman. In which case I may still delete your comments if they get too ugly.)
UPDATE: Wait a sec...what's a contest without a prize? I'll look around here and see if I can find something to give the winner...a used paperback, some guitar picks, a map of the Middle East, an old John Coltrane LP, or maybe a T-shirt (clean and folded, at least, or maybe even actually new).


Anonymous said...

Does anybody else fell like Al Gore is turning his back on the country by not running for President?

Barry Pike said...

Heh. At first I didn't think so, but after thinking about it, I realized your caption really IS pretty funny.

Thanks for stopping by!

Evan said...

Al Gore while basking in the electronic glow of his 3, voltage-sucking 30" monitors, (to the minions outside of his office: "Hey Bart... Is carbon footprint hyphenated?"

jeff said...

Al Gore's Trinity


Look Mom, I Made Three Internets

DaveG said...

"I just know those missing Florida votes are here somewhere..."

DaveG said...

PS - If I win, for my prize I want to hear you play that lap steel guitar you got for Xmas.