Monday, September 18, 2006

What I Did This Weekend.

I am highly amused and humbled by my weekly Sitemeter reports. Apart from just a handful of virtual friends and acquaintances, my anonymity remains intact. A big day around Pike Speak is when there have been 6 hits and 2 or more last for more than 4 seconds. Even my family doesn't read my blog, which is really funny to me. And perfectly fine.

The fact that I do almost nothing to advertise my presence will no doubt keep my blogospheric impact at this microscopic level. That's really okay with me because it keeps the expectations low so that I can safely post gratuitously self-indulgent and mindless missives like this one. Plus, if I want to post pictures of postcards, fungus, or mummified monkey paws (its coming), I can do so without disturbing the balance of power in Washington DC or irritating the Muslim anarchists in the Middle East. I can't imagine the pressure that Glenn must feel.

A furiously busy weekend: Bible Study Fellowship Leader's meeting at 6:25 AM on Saturday. Followed by a mad dash to the Post Office, an hour-and-a-half late, and the delivering of the mail at a brisk pace on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Then straight from there to worship band practice at church, roughly an hour late, then a quick dinner on-site, a meeting, and then the Saturday night service, which went well. Home at last around 8:30 PM. Relaxed by watching the DVD of Toto's 25th Anniversary concert in Amsterdam, which was very, very good.

Up again at 6:00 AM Sunday in order to be at the 7:30 AM run-through, which went well. Two services on Sunday morning, left the church about 12:30 PM. Went home, changed clothes, and then high-tailed it up Fountain City to Levi Coffin Days, a glorious spectacle of small-town, midwestern Americana. Lunch was a Taco-in-a-bag for Nancy and, for me, barbecue chicken fixed by the local Boy Scout Troop. Flea markets, garage sales, and neighborly loitering and then home to drop off Nancy. Drove back to Richmond to hit the OfficeMax, Sacred Grounds for a jolt, and the grocery. Home around 6:45. Worked until about 8:30 on Bible Study Fellowship prep, conversed with JP at length on IM about his Jazz Improv class at IU. Then, finished out the evening with a snack and the last two-thirds of Kill Bill 2 on the tube.

Yes, that's right. My blog is now about what I did over the weekend. Maybe later we'll talk about theology, Renaissance music history, or lawn-mower repair, but not today. Look, with respect to Pike Speak, all I can really promise is that I will usually check my spellng.

Go visit Rick, Jeff, or Sharon if you really want to see how creative blogging really takes place. Unless, of course, you are Rick, Jeff, or Sharon, in which case thanks for stopping by!


Evan Agee said...

Your comment about your family not reading your blog made me laugh. I remember when I first started my website. I was so sure that my parents would log on daily to see what I had been up to that day and get a perspective on my life that I typically don't offer up in conversation. I mean parents want to know their children as deeply as they possibly can, right? I guess not. :)

My mom has complained on several occasions about the fact that I she has to get onto the internet in order to find out what her son(s) are up to.

For me blogs are about their authors. If I wanted to read about photography I'd likely to a website that's all about photography, not necessarily a blog. When I visit someones blog I want to read about what's going on in their lives, what they've been doing with their free time and how their families are doing. Blogs have filled that position rather well, wouldn't you agree?

If you turn all blogging into freely distributed articles and essays then you've limited your reading audience to those who are interested in your topic of choice. Whereas if you write about your life who knows who might turn up to read!

Barry Pike said...

I think you are 100% right, Evan. There are a few "big-time" bloggers that I like to check in on a daily basis, but the blogs that I enjoy the most are, typically, more personable in tone and content. Even the ones where the verbal content is sparse, like Rick Lee's or Richard Roger's photoblogs, take on a personality after a while.

Generally, I don't spend a lot of time reading blog entries like the one I posted today unless it's by someone I know and like, and/or whose life is otherwise interesting to me.

And thats why I have an interest in local bloggers, too, because of the shared territory and experiences that we are more likely to have in common.

My teenage son keeps urging me to start a MySpace page like his so that I can collect a lot of "friends". Which, if you've given MySpace even a glance, seems like the very LAST thing I would want. But different strokes for different folks...

Heather said...

Sharon's blog has been a daily read for me for a very long time now and I love Rick Lee's site.

You have good taste. :-)

DaveG said...

I came over here from seeing a link to Rick's blog tracing back to here. What caught my eye was this particular post because I went through a similar progression. I started blogging in 2004 when the volume of what passes for political discourse these days was at an all-time high (or so it seemed) and for some ill-defined reason I wanted my voice to be included in the cocophony. That got tiresome pretty quickly, and had the ill effect of making me watch the disgusting spectacle of politics far more closely than was healthy.

I did enjoy the writing, though, and like Rick, I also enjoy photography (albeit at an amatuer level) so I re-focused my blogging energies on something more personal. I too thought this would alleviate the "what have you been up to" questions from family and friends, and to a large degree it did, at least with the friends. My dad will check the blog now and then, but my mom will have nothing to do with it. So I still end up answering the "been anywhere interesting in the plane" question a whole lot. It's still a good release for all those words and pictures floating around in my head, and these days I just consider it fun and therapeutic.

jeff said...

Blog because you enjoy it not for who reads it. Have fun. Some day maybe you'll progress and average over 70 people a day and then start offending them so only about 40 come now, like I did! That's fun too!

Sharon said...

Boy, you had a busy weekend. It made me tired just reading it. :)

Barry Pike said...

Thanks so much to you all for the words of wisdom and encouragement.

...I'm such a knucklehead that I didn't realize linking to your blogs in my post would summon you hither thus.