Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Stand and Deliver

All day long I've been thinking about this one idea, basically.

I'm going to do something new and exciting to my workspace. I'm going to elevate my desk about 2 feet so that it will be a standing desk rather than a sitting desk. Somewhere I read about some executive who has a standing desk and he does his work while walking on a treadmill all day. I don't think I'm quite that radical, but I do think that standing and moving around should be healthier than sitting.

I'm going to go think about it over a piece of pie. Wick's Pie Factory is located about 14 miles from here. Mr. Wick was an old friend of my grandpa's from way back and these folks know pie. You may have seen them in your local grocery. They are famous and they ship pie all over the country. The pumpkin pie is exceptional. The sugar cream pie is also very good, but it is serious businesss....folks have been known to break into a diabetic sweat just looking at one of those. I can have about 1 piece per year.

Yes, there is probably a link between pie and my interest in metabolic modification. Let's not dwell on it.


Sharon said...

I love pie.

That pumpkin pie sounds delicious.

I make pie also. I even tell myself I am the Queen of Pies. Though this is somewhat delusional, I know. I use a crust recipe that was handed down from my great-grandmother, and it's fantastic -- it really is. People probably dread it when I bake pies, in fact. Because then I have to serve them a piece and watch them eat it, eagerly: "Isn't it good? Don't you love it?" I might as well try on all the clothes in my closet and ask them if this dress makes me look fat. Same-same. :)

Heather said...

Sharon: Not to use Barry's comment box as a bulletin board, but I happen to love apple pie and I happen to know that you will have the opportunity to serve me one if you so choose in eight days. :-)

Barry: The treadmill at the desk is actually an ingenious idea. However, as allergic as I seem to be to exercise, my productivity might decrease even further if I had to invent ways to avoid my desk. ;-)

Barry Pike said...

Heather, by all means use it as a bulletin board...its being seriously underutilized for anything else at the moment.

And I agree about the treadmill...I'm certain I can't eat pie and tread the mill at the same time. I like the idea of standing up and working, though. I'm going to work on it this weekend.