Friday, March 18, 2011

Points of Interest

1)  Nancy is going on a missions trip to Haiti.  It is an exciting time and a remarkable opportunity.  She's pretty pumped.  Please pray for her, if you feel so led.

2)  As we get older, we all wage our own personal war against Gravity.  This particular law of physics is relentless, insidious, and certainly no respecter of age.  However, here is an interesting article from Popular Science about a man who declared war on Gravity and even won a couple of battles.  Check out this story about Roger Babson's Gravity Research Foundation.

3)  Here's a great article by Michael Ruhlman about cooking dried beans.  It's really interesting.  Really.  Go read it and thank me later.  Preferably a couple of days later, if you know what I mean.

4)  I bought one of these for some beloved family members.  I think you should consider it, too.  Especially if you or someone you care about lives in a city.  Because, if/when we see TEOTWAWKI, it's going to be drastically worse in the cities than it is in the country.  Here's the link, check it out.

I was considering doing this even before the current horrific disaster in Japan.  Yet, the need for this kind of preparedness, and even for much, more more, cannot possibly be highlighted with any greater clarity.  It is, just plain abject think that such a disaster could not happen here.

California, I'm talking to you.  Scientists tell us, with near unanimous certainty, that it is not a matter of if, but when, there will be a catastrophic earthquake on the West Coast.  And, guess what...there is no truly safe place.  The second largest earthquake in North American history chose New Madrid, Missouri as it's epicenter.  Remember New Orleans, after all, and then consider even the difficulties suffered by many people during the harshest days of this past winter.  And while it is certainly true that, at the appointed hour, we are all going to face our earthly demise, it is my belief that for as long as we are able, we should choose life.  In the future, I believe it is not the strongest who will have the greatest chance of survival but, rather, those who planned well.

5)  What you believe is important.  Not merely that you believe something deeply or with great sincerity, but that you believe the right things, the true things.  It is important to remember, too, that just because you don't believe something, it doesn't mean that it is not true.  And so, with that in mind, here is that sad, interesting, and unfortunate interview of Rob Bell by journalist Martin Bashir:


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