Thursday, June 18, 2009

Senator Boxer's Ego is bigger than the state of California.

California Senator Barbara Boxer, in typical fine form:

As opposed to Brigadier General Michael Walsh, the commanding general of the US Army Corps of Engineers, who, you know, more or less just had his rank given to him for charm and good looks.

This woman's unfettered hubris is appalling. Again. General Walsh deserves another medal for his calm, accommodating reserve in the face of such overweening arrogance.

Yes, ma'am.

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Steve Mathews said...

You know the crazy thing is, in her attempt to be bigger than the General, she made herself smaller and was oblivious to the matter. In the military, you always call someone who outranks you, sir or mam. (At least in the commissioned ranks) Not even a clue!! I'll be kind about what I really think!